Rhonda Schafer

Rhonda Schafer

Client Relationship Manager

Phone: 434-266-1214
Fax: 434-266-2001

Rhonda was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended college in North Georgia where she met her husband, Ron. They recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. She and Ron have three sons, Nicholas, who is a Bedford County School Counselor; Nathan, a Revenue Analyst at Liberty University; and Scotty, a full-time student at LU who is finishing his senior year requirements for a History degree.  Before moving to Virginia in 2014, Rhonda and her family lived in Florida for 27 years.

Rhonda graduated with a B.S. degree in Education and has spent a majority of her work experience in the public school system, primarily at the elementary level.  Besides being a pastor's wife during her husband's 32 years in full-time ministry and church planting, Rhonda's various work experience include Marketing Consultant for Tyndale House Publishers (Chicago), which involved providing customer support for existing and potential clients; Membership Coordinator for the YMCA, which entailed enrolling new members and establishing exercise classes for existing members; and Business Assistant for Glass & Associates, which involved processing payroll and invoicing.

As Client Relationship Manager, Rhonda enjoys spending time with everyone who enters the doors at Legacy Wealth Management Group and appreciates the personal contact and interaction with those she meets. "The experiences I have had in the world of education and even more so, ministry, have better prepared me for what I believe is one of the most important roles I have here at Legacy; building lasting relationships" - Rhonda Schafer